Sunday, August 8, 2010

LP Review - Soul Evolution by Chaz Mason

Take the funky guitar rifts of Prince, combine it with the crooning styles of Raphael Saadiq, Vant Hunt and Lenny Kravitz and toss in the essence of Martin Luther McCoy and Craig David and you get Chaz Mason's debut album Soul Evolution.

Complete from beginning to end, Soul Evolution is well deserve celebration of the rebirth of feel good soul music.

Mason, a Georgia native admits that he spent three years working on this album and the sincere delivery of each song on the showcases superb melodies that are authentic and real.

Plagued by love's bittersweet temptation and haunted by constant need of affection from the one he loves, Chaz is able to share his soul's evolution through tracks like 'The Groove', 'You Thrill Me', and 'Infatuation'.

Soul Evolution also offers feel good jams like 'Think and Feel' Stay, 'The Dedication' and a beautiful acoustic song that shares a story about a girl who lacks self love entitled 'Love Yourself"... The most powerful song on the LP, Mason sweeter than honey vocals resonates the songs powerful messages "I am a woman, I am beauty; for I love myself" as if to connect with its listener on a personal level.

Soul Evolution is fantastic; the best soul album I have heard in a very long time. I became a fan of Chaz Mason after hearing 'The Way You Make Me Feel' off of his 'Two-Week Notice' EP but 'Soul Evolution' gave me hope in the rebirth of the genre.

RECOMMENDATION: It's a classic album worthing owning!

Soul Evolution Track Listing:
1. The Groove
2. Think And Feel
3. Stay
4. What About Me
5. You Thrill Me
6. The Dedication
7. Love Yourself
8. Infatuation
9. Midnight Star
10. Again
11. Come As U R
12. Modern Girl

Chaz Mason Online:
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Chaz on Reverbnation

Purchase Soul Evolution on iTunes here

Special thanks to Chaz for being a wonderful person and an exceptional artist. Thank you for making me a believer AGAIN!


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